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Progressive Politics and Policy Advocacy

After retiring from law, I pursued a volunteer career as a political campaign manager and public policy advisor to county, city and school board officials in North Carolina. I organized a series of progressive non-partisan political action committees and non-profits that supported the election of diverse county and local leaders dedicated to open government, sustainable economic development and excellent public schools.

I am particularly proud that I was a leader in the campaign that elected the first African American county official in Chatham since Reconstruction. I also was a campaign and communications strategist for the first African American female county commissioner and first African American female county school board member. After I moved to Ojai, I continued to serve as a strategist and advisor to local grassroots anti-racist organizers and a majority of the Chatham County commissioners who worked together to finally remove the Confederate monument located in front of the county courthouse in downtown Pittsboro, North Carolina.

I also served on the county planning commission, and county boards addressing workforce development, economic development, affordable housing, green building and sustainable energy. I played a leading role in developing strategic plans for county land use, sustainable energy and climate resilience, affordable housing and economic development. I taught sustainable development policy at a community college.
I was also one of the founders of Chatham’s county first soccer league and served as the coach 7-9 year olds for three years.