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Black Lives Matter Protest

Diversity is Our Strength

I have had more than 50 years of experience advocating for equity in community practices and policies. We need to ensure that our curriculum considers past and current racial, ethnic, and class discrimination and disparities, while also promoting the values and ideals of the Declaration of Independence. It is clear, our elementary schools should be more demographically integrated. This can be addressed with voluntary positive solutions. One approach could be developing magnet schools offering distinct choices at different elementary schools, such as dual-language immersion; music, dance and arts; environmental studies; and science and high-tech.

We need to see that demographic diversity is a strength both for student success and as a means to recruit others to grow our student population and strengthen our school system. Our youth will be the first generation in American history that is majority-minority; this is the demographic world in which they will live and work. Moreover, research shows that both privileged and disadvantaged students perform better in diverse schools.