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Local Endorsements

I am especially pleased that all of my endorsements are local — community leaders, educators, activists and residents from Meiners Oaks, Mira Monte and the Ojai Valley. If you wish to add your name, please complete the form below.

Ojai Valley News
Ojai Valley Democratic Club

Kevin Ruf, Ojai Unified School District Board
Suza Francina, Ojai City Council
William Weirick, Ojai City Council

Russ (& Patricia) Baggerly: Casitas Water Board,*MO
Blair Braney: (Nordhoff 2003) Meiners Oaks resident
John Brooks: Ojai environmental activist
Steve Colome: Ojai Climate Emergency Committee
Helen Conly: Retired teacher, Ojai political activist
Julio Contreras: Long-time Mira Monte resident
Leslie Fausset: (Nordhoff ’65) Superintendent, Chief Deputy Superintendent, CA Dept. of Ed.
Brenna Furness: (Nordhoff ’98) MO business owner
Bill Haff: Ojai political activist, Mira Monte resident
Jack Jacobs: (Nordhoff ’65), Ojai CPA
Alexa & David Johnson: Meiners Oaks artists
Richard Jost: (Nordhoff ’65), Mira Monte resident
Diana Kelly: Retired elementary counselor/teacher, Ojai
Larry Kennedy: (Nordhoff ’64) Ventura Community College Trustee
Jan Sager Knott: Ojai environmental activist, MO
Celeste Matesvac, Marcia Doty: MO business owners
Susie & Rex Meach: (Nordhoff ’66), Meiners Oaks
Judy Nelson: Ojai political activist
Nina Neulight: Ph.D Educational Psychology, MO
Kathy Nolan: Ojai Planning Commissioner
Liz & Jeff Otterbein: Environmental teacher, MO
Kim & Robert Perron: Meiners Oaks residents
Trevor Quirk: Attorney, upper Ojai resident
Roy Rodrigez: Ret. Nordhoff counselor, Mira Monte
Asli Ruf: Ojai Valley parent leader
Gloria Valladolid: Retired teacher, Meiners Oaks
Cynthia Weirick: Retired art teacher, Ojai
Justin (Nordhoff ’94) & Kelsie Zimmerman: (Nordhoff ’93) Nordhoff Parent Association

* MO = Meiners Oaks Resident

If you would like to endorse me for Meiners Oaks/Mira Monte School Trustee, please complete the form below or email me at:

Thank you for your support!